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We are here to provide Individuals, Businesses and Ministries with inspiration and motivation to continue to grow and develop into who you are to BECOME.

Fulfilling this goal currently through the Division of Wisdom Speaks Solutions, to encourage, strengthen and empower you to fulfill your God given potential and walk in your purpose.

Let's Work Together!


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WSSDS Courses 1-12

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"A Year of Satisfaction"

Rustic Beach Path



Taking Yourself, Your Business or Ministry To Another LEVEL



To help make connections for Individuals, Businesses & Ministries that exposes them to unfolding potential and opportunities in  International Markets, with Networking and moments of growth that lead to more capabilities being



Empowering Individuals, Businesses & Ministries to grow and expand their mission and fulfill their purpose. To be the blessing they are created to become.



Encouraged by the principles of helping others and loving your neighbor as yourself, we teach how to maximize your potential through empowerment books, workshops, speaking engagements, consulting, business expos and more.

Forest Trees


R.E.S.T. Campus - A Center for Samaritan Services  (Pending)

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Discipleship Mini Book Series - Launched

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Discipleship Series Courses - Launched   

Expocomer Panama - International Commercial Exposition  (Information below)

New April Bonanza 2023 - Business Showcase  (Under Services Tab)

New Project Management Services (Under Services Tab)

New Personal Development Workshops 2023 (Under Services Tab)

New Be Real About "It" Blog 

- And Much More...

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My passion has always been to help people.  Through the years, this passion has been more and more evident, with the desire of really wanting to see people recognize their potential and realize their purpose to become who God has created them to BE, whether it be individually or through business or ministry.  


Working through my own life experiences; divorce, single parenting, losing a job, being homeless (not on the street, but living with others), lack of consistent finances, being under paid and having to make ends meet, dealing with disappointments and resentment, etc., while still trying to manage being an entrepreneur. I have come to know that there can be a lot of hindrances and obstacles that get in the way of potential and purpose being actualized. However, having a good support system, can make a big difference, in how one moves forward in and through adversity, to prosperity.  I have also learned, that in these moments, we have a choice to make, will we stay there and be stuck or will we press forward regardless what it looks like or feels like, to grow? 

I choose to grow, what is your choice?

R.E.S.T. Ministries 4U2 has been created, as that support system to help you grow.

Working through the Division of Wisdom Speaks Solutions, whether you need encouragement for yourself, your business

or ministry, we can give you some tools that will help bring in transformation that can lead to a better

and more successful you, business or ministry.

As you go through this site, I hope you see something, whether through my Books, Services or other information that encourages you to move forward in your growth and development journey.

When we work together, more can get accomplished!

Let's Journey Together in Victory!



Revelation Is Always Fresh

These old WS Newsletters have a lot of encouraging and motivational content in them, that I thought to bring out and share. Even though there maybe outdated information in them, I hope the sections that are relevant, are a blessing to you as you read and can help you in your walk today!
Remember, let wisdom speak to you!
Each month will be a different volume. They have evolved throughout the years,
so I hope you enjoy them! 

Click on the image, to see the Newsletter of the month.
Feel free to share/print!




Developing H.O.P.E Ministries

Our Mission is to Empower Women and Children with Hope & Purpose helping them to understand who they are that they may live a fulfilled and meaningful life.



Nashville, TN

We will equip you to help others more effectively. We want to share our expertise and experience from 36 years as a ministry to educate, equip, and empower pastors, ministry leaders, teachers, counselors, parents, and others to more effectively help and support people who are hurting and struggling, while staying healthy and whole in the process.

- Grow in confidence

- Witness lives transform

- Watch your ministry grow



Panama City, Panama

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) organizes the EXPOCOMER, a multisectoral trade show that highlights the following product categories: Food, Beverages and Agricultural Products; Textiles, Clothing and Accessories; Technology and Electronics.

This fair platform promotes contacts, products and business opportunities between local and international participants, becoming the ideal event for the presentation of new products and services in a total exhibition area of ​​more than 15,500 square meters, which brings together more than 600 Companies from more than 30 countries.

The Neal's pic2.jpg

Pastor Kevin & Jacqueline Neal

S.O.S. Int'l Ministries

SOS Int'l. Ministries, is a ministry where you can "Discover the REAL YOU as you Discover Jesus Christ!" We are a ministry of LOVE, nurturing people, as Family, NOT members. Our Mission is to Construct People, not a building!

Valerie Williams, Founder

Covenant Outreach Services, NFP

This is an organization that provides support to individuals and families who struggle with life challenges, obtaining funds for education (college/trade school) and financial literacy.

Our goal is to engage, encourage and empower the people of Chicago and surrounding areas. We will accomplish this by partnering with individuals and organizations who share in our mission to provide training, scholarships, and supportive services to those in need. Volunteer opportunities available also.




This book was written to encourage you to understand who you are in Christ and to remind you to declare the Word of God daily in your life, which helps in the process of understanding who you are.

This 31 Day Devotional, can also be used as a study guide to learning more about the Word of God and can help you grow and develop in your walk.  $10 



** Feel free to share/print Introduction Copy

 (Sale until February 15th)

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This book will help you know who you are, have a greater understanding of what belongs to you and what you can do, giving you a better sense of belonging and security, which really help you to move forward and not to be stuck where you are.    $10

** Feel free to share/print Introduction Copy

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New Products - Order Today!

WS Journal 3D 6x9.png

This 6x9 WS Spiral Journal (220 pgs) with little notes of inspiration will give you the motivation to write down your daily thoughts. Catch all the nuggets that come to mind. Your self discovery journey begins now. $15

Happy Writing!

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This 8.5x11 WS Spiral Journal (60 pgs) with little notes of inspiration will give you the motivation that you need in your day. Write down your daily thoughts, activities or To Do List. Reminders are always helpful to keep you on track. Help keep yourself organized. $10

Select your color.

Happy Writing!

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This 4.25x6.875 WSSDS Mini Spiral Notebook (60 pgs) gives you some space to write down your thoughts as you read. Taking notes can always help you to sort out your thoughts and emotions. $9

Happy Writing!

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Discipleship Series

This series was created with you in mind. Each book has a specific thought provoking topic discussed in a way that will have you growing and developing more in your walk with God, as you take action. He has so many great things available for you and in you. However, there are some actions you need to take to manifest them.

I want to help you in your self-discovery journey.
Let's journey together to get to your next level!

Click on the book image for a brief summary. 


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If not, there can be a delay in shipping out items.)

Now Available!! Get It Today!
Course #1: Committed, Established By A Decision
Course #2: Image, How Do You See Yourself?
Course #3: Focus, Eyes On The Prize
Course #4: Faith, Trusting In The Unseen
Course #5: Integrity, Good Character Revealed
Course #6: Armor, Dressed For Success
Course #7: Advisor, A Very Present Help
Course #8: Words, Choose Life
Course #9: Rest, Your Seated Position
Course #10: Trees, Are Your Branches Strong?
Course #11: Treasure, You're Priceless - Shine!
Course #12: Shalom, Completeness Front and Center


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