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2024 Greater in Store!

Wild Path


We are here to provide Individuals, Businesses and Ministries with inspiration and motivation to continue to grow and develop into who you are to BECOME.

Fulfilling this goal currently through the Division of Wisdom Speaks Solutions, to encourage, strengthen and empower you to fulfill your God given potential and walk in your purpose.

Be encouraged as you browse.

Let's Work Together!

Jannett Morrow - Founder /

Personal Development Coach


Rustic Beach Path



Taking Yourself, Your Business or Ministry To Another LEVEL



To help make connections for Individuals, Businesses & Ministries that exposes them to unfolding potential and opportunities in  International Markets, with Networking and moments of growth that lead to more capabilities being



Empowering Individuals, Businesses & Ministries to grow and expand their mission and fulfill their purpose. To be the blessing they are created to become.



Encouraged by the principles of helping others and loving your neighbor as yourself, we teach how to maximize your potential through empowerment books, workshops, personal development coaching, consulting, business expos and more.

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R.E.S.T. Campus - A Center for Samaritan Services  (Pending)

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Discipleship Mini Book Series - 

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Discipleship Series Courses -    

Expocomer Panama - International Commercial Exposition - 


WSS Personal Development Coaching

WSS Project Management Services - 

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Podcast - Debut 2024 - 


Be Real About "It" Blog - 

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Business Bonanza - June 2024

Wisdom Speaks Solutions Personal Development Workshops -  Debut 2024

- And Much More...

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My passion has always been to help people.  Through the years, this passion has been more and more evident, with the desire of really wanting to see people recognize their potential and realize their purpose to become who God has created them to BE, whether it be individually or through business or ministry.  


I believe that with my degree in Psychology, background and many years in the Social Service

and Customer Service industries, I am afforded a lot of experiences to be able to share

and encourage you in your daily life and your growth and development journey.

I am up for the challenge!


Working through my own life experiences; divorce, single parenting, losing a job, being homeless (not on the street, but living with others), lack of consistent finances, being under paid and having to make ends meet, dealing with disappointments and resentment, etc., while still trying to manage being an entrepreneur. I have come to know that there can be a lot of hindrances and obstacles that get in the way of potential and purpose being actualized. However, having a good support system, can make a big difference, in how one moves forward in and through adversity, to prosperity.  I have also learned, that in these moments,

we have a choice to make, will we stay there and be stuck or will we press forward 

regardless what it looks like or feels like, to grow? 

I choose to grow, what is your choice?

R.E.S.T. Ministries 4U2 has been created, as that support system to help you grow.

Working through the Division of Wisdom Speaks Solutions, since 2009,

whether you need encouragement for yourself, your business or ministry, we give

you some tools that can help bring in transformation that can lead to a better

and more successful you, business or ministry.

As you go through this site, I hope you see something, whether through my Books, Services

or other information that encourages you to move forward in your growth and development journey.

When we work together, more can get accomplished!

Let's Journey Together in Victory!



Revelation Is Always Fresh

These old WS Newsletters have a lot of encouraging and motivational content in them, that I thought to bring out and share. Even though there maybe outdated information in them, I hope the sections that are relevant, are a blessing to you as you read and can help you in your walk today!
Remember, let wisdom speak to you!
Each month will be a different volume. They have evolved throughout the years,
so I hope you enjoy them! 

Click on the image, to see the Newsletter of the month.
Feel free to share/print!

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